brooklyn coachworks Mission

My childhood dream car was always the Defender. They’re incredibly unique and simple vehicles, yet have the ability to take you to far away places on unforgettable journeys. That's what I like about them. A Land Rover’s return on investment is one of their greatest gifts. We at Brooklyn Coachworks want to bring this simple, clean design of the Land Rover back while fitted them with modern engines and drivetrains so our customers can enjoy them forever. Land Rover ended production of these timeless SUVs and you will never see a new one again. They age well and will only go up in value.

We aren’t into flashy exteriors or gaudy interiors. These trucks where simple in concept and should stay true to their intended purpose. There is a fine line you walk when attempting to upgrade one. We want to improve their drivability and give our customers a comfortable interior which allows them to drive hours on end without getting tired. We choose traditional Land Rover colors and genuine wheel choices. We want your Land Rover to be usable everyday of the week. We want you to take it on short runs to the grocery store and also take it around the world on an unforgettable expedition. We will Brooklyn Coachworks will to give you the investment you’ve always wanted.


My personal North American Spec Defender 90 has been the mule for all our builds. I’ve rigorously tested it for the past 16 years. Its had a life in New York City driving around in the sweltering hot summer heat. It has also been off-roaded in every condition imaginable. From the deserts of Moab, the mountains in Colorado, the arctic condition in Canada and through deeper rivers than I would like to remember. I used and abused my own Defender to make you the perfect Land Rover for your needs. 

I’ve modified my Defender and figured out all the ins and outs of how to make it perform best. I’ve driven half its life with the stock gasoline powered V8 and the other half with a diesel powered 300tdi. Various tire sizes from 29” tires to 35” tires, with custom 4-inch lifts. Soft-top, hardtop, roof rack, winches, bumpers, and all the differential and transfer-case gearing one could imagine. 

I’ve figured out what is needed to make these Land Rovers the most reliable vehicle you will own. I’ve been in the Land Rover community for over 20 years and have the knowledge to give you the best drive of your life.

- Daniel Marcello, Brooklyn Coachworks