The benefits of being Italian are numerous. The week following Mille Miglia was spent in the north. I met with the Barlanders group, Matteo from Corsetti Engineering, with Stefano and Davide from Officina Lampo. We spent a weekend driving through the forest along the Italian / Swiss border. Barlanders off-road similarly to us in the Northeast. The Alps have a wonderful atmosphere and are similar to the North Cascades of Washington. A thick dark green forest surrounded the terrain of loose rocks under wet soil. As the ground beneath you falls away, it takes a couple of attempts to climb some of these hills.

Stefano - Officina Lampo / Matteo - Corsetti Engineering

Corsetti and Lampo both build incredible Defenders that can be used on and off-road. It's not overdone, but just right. There is a signature high flow air-box on the hood of every Corsetti TD5 powered 90. The suspension kits they offer are incredible. There is no doubt that this is some of the best engineered Defender weaponry you can own. Davide Corsetti tests his product extensively which I love. We at Brooklyn Coachworks feel the same. You need to test your equipment in order to build a high-quality product. He travels through Italy, Europe and Africa to test his Defenders. For the best aftermarket off-road equipment, choose Corsetti.

For some action, Moritz Fischer brought our Millie Miglia support truck Defender 110. This is the first time Moritz has taken his 110 off-road. It first chases vintage sports cars around Italy for a thousand miles, then takes a weekend trip to the Italian Alps. Hannelore the Beast also served as our living quarters for a week. Is there any other car that can do that?

Thanks a lot, Grandma! (Hannelore is the name of Moritz's grandmother)

Stopping for a snack

The dynamic duo of Stefano and Davide. Two young enthusiasts that truly embrace the adventure lifestyle like us. We bonded over our love for the Defender as we told stories about ownership, trips we've been on and the way we modified our cars to suite our needs. Officina Lampo builds the most incredible Defenders. Clean, simple and pure. He can also build you a rock crawling monster truck that is capable of anything. We have been good friends ever since this first trip. Stefano and Davide are my Italian brothers that we will continue to work with on building the most perfect Land Rover Defender.

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