Wheels & Tires

Choosing the right wheels and tires can be an endless search. Brooklyn Coachworks is here to help you figure out the right set up for your Land Rover. We’ve literally tested ever imaginable combination and can guide you in the right direction.


Which wheels are best?

Brooklyn Coachworks overall opinion is that Genuine Land Rover wheels are the best fit and match for your Land Rover. Sizes range from very rare 15” steel wheels, the most common 16” steel and alloy wheels and some rare 18” alloy wheels. All Genuine Land Rover wheels that came on the Series I, II, IIa, III, Defender, Discovery I and Range Rover Classic fit each other. All of these models share the same 5x6.5 bolt pattern so you have a variety to choose from. We personally like the 16” steel and alloy wheels the best. Their proportions are correct and their ratio to tire sidewall size is the best in comfort and all around drivability.

Wheel width is a big determining factor in fitting your preferred tire size. Land Rover’s stock steel wheel (LR008758) is 5.5” wide which allows a 235/85R16 or 7.50R16 tire to fit perfectly without any strange wearing over time. Land Rover’s Wolf (ANR4583), 127/130/NAS 110 (ANR1534), One-Ton (569204, 543385) and Forward Control, 2B (569203) came 6.5” wide which allows a 255/85R16, 8.25R16 and 9.00R16 to fit nice as their cross sections are roughly 9” wide. Land Rover’s alloy wheels all came 7” wide which also fits these sizes too. You can fit a 315/75R16 (35”) to an alloy wheel but the tire wear can be effected. The proper suspension geometry and alignment will help. 18” and 20” wheels can also be fitted.


Which tire is best?

“Which is the biggest tire I can fit on my Land Rover?” We hear this all too common. Truthfully, you should not fit the biggest tire you can fit on you Land Rover even if you like the look. Over 20 years of field testing in major cities, country roads, dirt tracks and extreme off-road situations has lead us to recommend a 255/85R16 or 8.25R16 tire. The overall 33” tall tire fills the wheel arches nicely and the 9” wide cross section still gives it a thinner look which helps your miles per gallon and your overall ability to maneuver the truck better. Our second recommended tire is a 235/85R16 or 7.50R16 tire which is a 31” tall tire. These fit nicer on Series trucks but also great for Defenders, Discovery and Range Rovers too. This size tire give a slight improved stance of your truck and also warrants no modifications, so everything fits nicely.

the second part is which tread design do you need? Mud terrains look great and the soft rubber compound is nice when the tires are fresh but badly worn mud terrains on a road truck can give off terrible drowning noises. If you won’t take your truck off-road then lets get you some all-terrain tires or some all-season tires that still look good but with actually improve you road driving ability and miles per gallon. We try to fit only mud-terrain tires to those Land Rovers looking to seek some adventure.