Transmission & Gearing

The benefit from running Genuine Land Rover transmissions, transfer cases and differentials means the driveline and suspension will all stay in their stock positions and meet their engineered purposes. But we have also tested heavily modified Land Rovers around the world in all different conditions and situations. Brooklyn Coachworks understands not only the limits of Land Rover’s stock running gear but also knows how to improve upon it. Many other Land Rover builders still keep worn out, original parts that cannot take the uprated engine torque and larger tire sizes. Land Rover's were never overbuild, they were build to their maximum ability in their stock form. Trust us. Our builds have heavy-duty differentials in various gear choices and we can also supply Salisbury rear and front differentials. We run heavy-duty axles as this is probably the first to suffer wear and failure once the tire size and engine specs increase. Our Transmissions and transfer cases are all build by Ashcroft Transmissions. Ashcroft is the leading name in heavy duty Land Rover Transmissions and transfer cases.


Transmission and transfer case

Brooklyn Coachworks uses Land Rover’s R350 transmission that is build to heavy-duty specs by Ashcroft Transmissions. We also use Land Rover’s Military spec LT95 transmission on some of our special builds. We also use T56, 4l80e, 6L80E and other transmissions for our Chevy engine conversions to meet torque specs.

The fun part is pairing the transmission to Land Rover’s famed and probably most durable driveline component, the LT230 transfer case. They are equipped with high range and low range, and a lockable center differential providing constant drive to the front and rear axles. Gearing choices include 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6. These different gears allow us to dial in your driving style perfectly. Low range is kept the same on all of these different transfer cases which is nice as we can then determine your differential gearing once off-road.



Land Rover stock differentials are quality but never over built from the start. Brooklyn Coachworks can fit ARB Locking, Detroit Truetrac or Lockers to your differentials for increased strength and improved traction. Heavy-Duty ring and pinions gearing can vary from 3.54, 4.11, 4.75, 5.12 etc. And can be placed into pegged 3rd members if need be.

If your driving style will be mostly on road we can offer quality rebuild differentials that can be completely stock or re-gear to match your engine output and your tire size. Most aftermarket Land Rover builders do not understand when you increase tire size, you need to compensate with lower range gearing to help spin your tires quicker and to help relieve some driveline stress. We also build Salisbury differentials which were Land Rover’s military build differential/axle derived from the Dana 60 platform.