Land Rover’s engineering of their coil suspension was one of the best developments to come out of Solihull. Defender, Discovery and Range Rover Classics all share the same under pinning of Land Rover’s attempt at a much improved suspension set up in terms of handling, comfort and off-road ability from their earlier leaf sprung designs. Radius arms up front held the front axle in place, while the rear suspension had a 3-link system that would allow for maximum wheel articulation that was far superior than its competition. Genuine and aftermarket springs are plentiful with hundreds of different weight ratings available. We have field tested so many different suspension set-ups over the years that we are confident we will find the right ride for you. Wether it’s mostly highway driving, light off-roading, around the world expedition set-ups or hardcore off-roading we have got you covered. We can give you a very comfortable stock suspension hight to an incredible 5” lift, 14” external shocks on all four wheels with a custom 3-link front suspension. The choice is yours.


to lift or not to lift, that is the question

Everyone wants a lift for their Land Rover. They are cool looking, but not always needed. And if you are serious about lifting your Land Rover, we will personally invite you out to our next off-road trip and we will educated you on the need for a lift and how tall to go. We’ve been there before, with a 4” lift and 35” tires with 14” shocks on all four corners. extended a-arm, cranked rear trailing arms and 6 degree front radius arms. We know what it takes to build a serious off-road machine which is also comfortable driving at 80mph on the freeway.

To keep your Land Rover stock is also a completely perfect way to enjoy your new car. One of Land Rover’s greatest engineering designs went into their suspension. This design is far superior than any other truck in its day and still is. Land Rover nailed their suspension set up and it still shows today. It’s ability is far greater than most people give it and far more forgiving to any first time off-roader’s driving mistakes.


Suspension geometry

The stock Land Rover suspension geometry is set up perfectly. Massive amounts of articulation when you need it and reliable on-road precision. Once you lift your Land Rover the geometry can go out of wack. Anything about a 2” lift needs some modifications. Most other Land Rover builders do not address this problem and it can cause serious consequences. Driveshafts have to be lengthen and double cardan joints added to them. Your steering degree and panhard needs to be adjusted so you steer straight again and turning isn’t too sharp. And your differentials need to be rotated to the same position as they were in stock form.

We have been through these trials with our own Defender 90 test mule over the years. Put your trust in us and not some custom Land Rover builder looking to make a quick buck. The difference will show over time and you will be happier you went with Brooklyn Coachworks.