Heritage Range Rover

Brooklyn Coachworks is proud to offer our latest builds, the Heritage Range Rover Classic. With Range Rover’s 50th Anniversary on the horizon we wanted to do a special build to commemorate the original and greatest luxury sport utility vehicle ever created. We modeled these Range Rovers after the early 1970s models with various pastel colors, vertical grills, period correct badges, with thin tires on Rostyle wheels. We wanted to highlight the styling cues of the very first Classics which captured our imagination of what a luxury SUV should look like. These Heritage Range Rovers Classics bring back the charm that Land Rover first brought to the luxury SUV market some 50 years ago.

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We use Genuine Land Rover paints in Tuscan Blue, Lincoln Green, Bahama Gold, Davos White, Sahara Dust, and Masai Red. We also added Marine Blue and Pastel Green from the Land Rover Series and Defender color book.



We use genuine old stock vertical grills, original badges, Rostyle wheels (white or silver) with your choice of 235/85R16 or 7.50R16 tires. You also have the choice to paint your D pillar same as the body color or keep it black to have that classic Range Rover floating roofline.

Heritage_Range_Rover_Classic_Medium_0000_Layer 13.jpg
Heritage_Range_Rover_Classic_Medium_0001_Layer 12.jpg
Heritage_Range_Rover_Classic_XLarge_0004_Layer 24.jpg
large_0006_Layer 5.jpg
Heritage_Range_Rover_Classic_XLarge_0000_Layer 28.jpg
Heritage_Range_Rover_Classic_XLarge_0003_Layer 25.jpg