1995 Range Rover Classic - SOLD

The amazing 1995 Alpine White Range Rover Classic is being offered along side our 1993 Mosswood Green Range Rover Classic. Both are great examples of these classics. This 1995 model is the last year for the first generation Range Rover Classic. These are highly sought after too. 1995 model year Range Rover Classics had a different interior then all previous models. Land Rover needed to make some changes and modernize the Range Rover over its first generation’s 25 year run. So they put together a sleeker more modern soft dash which resembles the Discovery I’s dash at the time. The stock 3.9 liter engine with just shy of 176,000 miles is still running strong as ever. 4-speed automatic gearbox and matted to a Borg Warner viscous coupling transfercase which allows for continuous 4-wheel-drive and automatically sends equal power to the rear and front tires once on uncertain ground. 30mm wheel spacers were added to the TWR 5-spoke wheels with a 1” lift.

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She's a very clean truck with only a few bubbles on the rear lift gate, and on the interior of the left rear door frame (see pics). The spot on the door frame is a stand alone thing, so if you choose to address it and the lift gate, there's no other rust related issues. The underside of the doors, etc. are completely clean. The A/C fixed by my local mechanic some time ago. It wasn't grounding properly, so he installed a separate switch (see pics) and now it works beautiful. We have the replacement facia for anyone who wants to troubleshoot the ground and take it back to the original (two A/C buttons and one blank). 

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Good points

Terrafirma 33mm wheel spacers. Heat shielding under the hood. New floor padding with DynaPad under rear seat and rear cargo area. Rear cargo tray (did not have one from previous seller). Replaced right front door window mechanism which had worn out.

medium_1995_Range_Rover_Classic_white__0009_Layer 28.jpg

Bad points

The headliner was replaced however, the sun shade was not done and it is starting to come detached. (see pic) So we just leave it in the open position all the time. Side mirrors do not operate with electric, just need to position manually. All other electrics work, but no heated seats.

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