1987 Land Rover 110 - SOLD

Brooklyn Coachworks is offering this original 1987 Land Rover 110 for sale. This predates the “Defender” line. Land Rover introduced “Land Rover One Ten” in 1983 and ran to 1991 before the adoption of the Defender nameplate. This beautiful Trident green 110 has a gorgeous period correct paint job and interior in tan leather and tweed seats. The 110 has its original matching 2.5 Turbo Diesel engine with incredibly low miles. Matching 5-speed LT77 and 1.4 transfer case in high and low range paired with 3.54 differential gears. 6 freshly painted alpine white Genuine Land Rover 16” steel wheels with 7.50R16 (31”) Michelin XZL tires are fitted. We can fit this Defender 110 with a genuine Land Rover winch bumper and Warn M8000 winch if needed. We can also fit it with a roof rack too.

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This Land Rover 110 came out of Europe where is spent 32 years on an Olive farm. Its sole purpose was to haul equipment from the barns to the fields which in turn resulted in low miles and seat time. The exterior was resprayed its original color to help bring this amazing Defender 110 back to life. No other car on the road and it sure gets looks. The frame is completely solid. Brooklyn Coachworks came across this Defender 110 through our European family members not too long ago and its condition was too good not to bring over to the United States for someone to give it a second life. The 2.5TD runs strong at 70mph. Produces 10psi of boost which is max/perfect setting for 19j 2.5TD engine. Glow plugs work great. Needs ten to fifteen seconds on the glow plugs and will fire up right away. Cabin heat is hotter than any diesel I have driven in the past. CD player, radio and speakers work, but could use upgrade. Comes with original jack, and handbook.


Interior Condition

This Land Rover 110’s interior is immaculate. Every switch and dial is in its original place and works the way it should. The door cars are in fantastic shape. The dash is perfect and the front seats have a unique tan leather side with brown tweed front. This interior color way is very rare and I have only seen it on some very well maintained early Defenders. The rear seats are in great shape too. The middle seat does have a small burn hole in it but could be stitched up with some extra fabric easily (see photo below). The headliner was recently cleaned and shows no marks are all. The windows all around are tinted. The second row and rear tints are in good condition. The front tints have some scratches and missing areas. The foldable side steps are fitted but can be removed. The 5 bar checker plate on the sill is there to protect from the steps. We can remove and fit a slider or sill back on there if you need.


What we fixed and replaced

After a month shakedown we replaced the rear shocks with brand new ones. A new clutch and pressure plate was fitted as I didn't like the pressure of the older one. It was too stiff and too high for my liking. All engine, transmission, transfer case, differentials, steering, clutch, and brake fluids have been flush and cleaned out with brand new oils and fluids. New rear trailing arm bushings and axle/a-arm bushings as the others had some play in them. New LHF window regulator installed as I didn't like how the old one rolled up. New LED front headlights, indicators, running and brake lights. We recently had it professional wash, wax and detailed and the paint is immaculate. The freshly painted white roof is clean. And the interior feels brand new again. We also added a boost gauge to make sure we were running the optimal 10psi max with this 2.5TD engine. LED lights were also added to the dash gauges.


Exterior condition

This Defender 110 has been professionally resprayed Trident Green to bring the color and look back up to modern standards. This will allow this Defender 110 to shine on for years yet still retain its original vintage look. The foldable side steps are fitted but can be removed. The 5 bar checker plate on the sill is there to protect from the steps. We can remove and fit a slider or sill back on there if you need. A genuine Land Rover raised air intake is used to bring in colder and cleaner air into the engine. This also would allow you to ford a stream or river with confidence. Brooklyn Coachworks fitted new front plastic light bezels and grill. New wing-top plastic vents were fitted and all new, indicator, running and brake lights and bulbs were replaced. 7” LED headlights were put in so visibility at night would improve greatly. Hitch and trailing wiring is also fitted. Spare tire holder on the hood will have a 6th tire and wheel fitted to it soon.