1975 Land Rover Series III 109 - $28,000

Brooklyn Coachworks is proud to offer this 1975 Land Rover Series III 109 in Bahama Gold. This is your perfect patina Land Rover. The Genuine Land Rover Bahama Gold comes off great in any light. Fitted with 16” Wolf wheels with 255/85R16 (33”) BF Goodrich KM2 tires for an incredible look and ability to off road with confidence. A larger 6 cylinder engine with 135hp and 195ft-lbs of torque makes this Series 109 much quicker and more pleasurable to drive than it’s 4 cylinder brothers. Added boosted brakes also means you can stop this Series 109 on a dime. Galvanized front bumper with a rust free, solid frame and brand new interior seats. Dual fuel tanks that equate to 30 gallons helps makes this an enjoyable drive that will travel any distance.

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This Land Rover Series III 109 was originally fitted with a 2.25l Land Rover engine with just 74hp and 140ft-lbs of torque. Once refitted with the inline 6 cylinder engine it now produces 135hp and 195ft-lbs of torque has drastically changed this once lumbering Series 109 into a modern day SUV. With this enjoyable increase in power, we also fitted a boosted brake servo so slowing down is as easy, if not better than your everyday car. This is a true wolf in sheeps’ clothing.

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1975_Land_Rover_Series_III_109_Bahama_Gold_Medium_0001_Layer 10.jpg
1975_Land_Rover_Series_III_109_Bahama_Gold_2XLarge_0002_Layer 21.jpg
1975_Land_Rover_Series_III_109_Bahama_Gold_Large_0004_Layer 27.jpg
1975_Land_Rover_Series_III_109_Bahama_Gold_2XLarge_0005_Layer 17.jpg
1975_Land_Rover_Series_III_109_Bahama_Gold_XLarge_0001_Layer 19.jpg
1975_Land_Rover_Series_III_109_Bahama_Gold_2XLarge_0009_Layer 13.jpg
1975_Land_Rover_Series_III_109_Bahama_Gold_2XLarge_0003_Layer 20.jpg
1975_Land_Rover_Series_III_109_Bahama_Gold_Large_0000_Layer 31.jpg
1975_Land_Rover_Series_III_109_Bahama_Gold_2XLarge_0008_Layer 14.jpg
1975_Land_Rover_Series_III_109_Bahama_Gold_Large_0005_Layer 26.jpg